Logiciel Print Console®




Remotely Administer Your Printers and Solve Common Printer Problems

Print Console allows centralized control of all printing activity on a network of Windows NT/2000/2003 Servers and Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, Unix, OS/2 or Apple Macintosh Workstations.

Print Console eliminates the need for administrators to walk to a remote server to administer their printers or solve common printer problems. You can see most common problems right on your screen such as "toner low", or "out of paper" errors. It's no longer necessary to install printers locally and view each queue in a separate window. All network printers can be managed from a single window! And, with Print Console's Print Folders, common tasks that used to take hours can now be done with the click of a button.

This advanced technology is purely software based and does not replace anything in the operating system or printer drivers. It can handle from a few printers to thousands of printers spread across an entire enterprise network.

Print Console gives you the power to:

Control multiple printers with the click of a button.

Arrange printers into logical groups, allowing you to perform actions on groups of printers that you select.

Colorize printers based on criteria you select, such as "printers with error show up in red."

Sort printers based on criteria you select, such as "order printers by document count" so the busiest printers show on top.

View print jobs from multiple printers, all in one view.

Make copies of existing printers with the click of a button.

Automatically add and track printers in a domain, or even in an entire network.

Printer List

The Printer List is used for the selection and management of printers. The PrintFolders tab allows you to organize your printers into logical groups or "folders" for easier management and display. You can easily view all jobs at one time for a group of printers.

Printers can be sorted by their name, document count or status. And, you can perform actions on all printers contained with a particular folder such as pausing / resuming / purging, etc. The Network tab allows you to navigate directly to a printer in your network, and manage it.

Once Print Console is loaded you can search for printers over the network to add as many printers as you want.

Document View

The document view shows all of the documents for the selected printer(s). Documents can be paused, restarted, deleted etc. You can sort by any of the columns, ascending and descending. You can also customize the column layout by dragging-and-dropping the columns into any order you want.

Print Console Remote Client Features

Print Console features a powerful client piece that can be run on NT/2000/XP Workstation.

Remotely view all domain(s) printers
Remotely view all printer print jobs
Pause, restart, purge printers
Pause, delete, resume, and restart print jobs
View printer properties
Add or edit local printer properties
Install duplicate network printers
View remote printer status
View number of documents in printer queue