STAT® Scanner Professional Edition

Version: 6.0

  Overview >

• Scan and analyze an entire network domain and/or a single machine.
• Select multiple machines within a domain, if a subset analysis is desired.
• Select or ignore specific vulnerabilities via configuration files.
• Receive an analysis of vulnerabilities, with detailed information relating to the name, description, and risk level of each vulnerability.
• Eliminate the vulnerability using recommended solutions with links to related Web sites and knowledge-base articles.
• Correct a vulnerability across the network with a single mouse click with the AutoFix function.
• Retest corrected vulnerabilities immediately and be confident that vulnerabilities have been eliminated.
• Track vulnerability trends via analyses comparing current and previous assessments.
• Customize network status reports for management and technical personnel with comprehensive reporting of selected machines or entire domains.
• Stay current with newly discovered vulnerabilities and get regular functionality enhancements by subscribing to the monthly update service.

Easy-to-Use Interface >

Empowers the administrative organization to implement corrective action based on descriptive information for both the problem and the solution. The “AutoFix” button provides a single button press solution for many vulnerabilities. “Batch AutoFix” applies the corrective action to multiple computers.

Provides complete assessment information including:
• Name
• Risk Level (High, Medium, Low, Warning)
• Description
• Solution (includes location of patch)
• Related Web Links
• Relevant Advisories and Knowledge-Base Articles
• Link to Mitre web page containing Common Vulnerabilities
and Exposures (CVE) information

  Safe Scanning >

Vulnerabilities are identified through engineered signatures, not simulated attacks. Computers will not be harmed and network bandwidth available to users will not be degraded due to a scan.

   Accurate and Complete >

• Based on solid security research, solutions testing, and software product maintenance.
• Scans for more Windows vulnerabilities than other comparable tools.
• Results in the least amount of “false positive” reports (reports that indicate a vulnerability where none exists).
• Scans for third-party applications as well as operating system vulnerabilities.
• Scans for vulnerabilities in Windows NT, Windows 2000/XP, Red Hat / Mandrake Linux and Sun Solaris UNIX.
• A deep analysis is performed, not a surface validation.

  Customizable >

Provides a configuration editor to allow user tailoring of which vulnerabilities are scanned.

  Updated Frequently >

New vulnerabilities are identified frequently and incorporated into an update available to customers.

  Reports >

Extensive reporting capability that provides a full set of reports displaying information ranging from quick summary graphics to full and detailed disclosure of all vulnerabilities found.

Reports include:
• Executive Summary
• Network Summary
• Vulnerability Summary
• Detailed Vulnerability List
• and more ...

  Industry Standard Compliant >

STAT Scanner uses the latest Mitre Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) list of computer vulnerabilities and contains the latest SANS/FBI top 20 vulnerability list. It also uses the latest CERT, CIAC and FedCIRC (Department of Home Security) advisories.